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 Handcrafted in Bilbao using the best Columbus and Dedacciai steel and titanium tubing with an exclusive selection of components, Amaro bicycles are unique pieces in search of beauty, simplicity and purity ideals.

 Due to the artisanal building process and in order to ensure maximum attention to detail, Amaro limits its production to a reduced number of bicycles, selected from all received applications.

 Amaro does not build any kind of bicycle, only those in line with the Amaro principles.

 Esse quam videri.

P.O. Box 1414
C.P. 48080 Bilbao

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 To place an order:

- Send an application [pdf] with personal details. Priority for handwritten applications.

- Personal interview where to define the project and confirm budget.

- 100€ payment to get in the waiting list. This deposit will be directly paid by customers to the charity project of their choice.

- Turn arrived at waiting list, 50% payment is done and building process starts.

- Bicycle hand over and pending 50% payment.