The Amaro Dalida RFG is a special edition charity bike to help refugees and migrant people which will be raffled with all the proceeds benefiting Proactiva OpenArms and the Red Melilla project in which Ongietorri Errefuxiatuak participates.

Amaro Dalida RFG
Amaro Dalida RFG
Amaro Dalida RFG
Ongietorri Errefuxiatuak
Proactiva Openarms

Raffle entries are consigned to each 90€ donation to Proactiva Openarms
(Select "One-Time donation", choosing "OTHER" and introduce a 90€ amount).

Donation completed, receipt should be sent to including full contact details to take part in the raffle.

Donations period closes on October 2nd, 2018.

Participants can make as many donations as they wish, being each 90€ donation one raffle ticket.

The bicycle will be exhibited at Ciclos La Ferro Bilbao.

100% of raised money is directly donated to both associations, without any cost or intermediary parts.
The bicycle is a completely free donation, giving thanks to following partners for their disinterested help:

Ciclos La Ferro
De Pedro Fotógrafo
Luis Uribetxebarria Joyero
Brave Wheels
Columbus Tubi